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Emergency Dentistry in Richmond Hill, ON

Emergency Dentistry in Richmond Hill, ON

Our dentists are trained to treat patients of all ages for all general, cosmetic, restorative, and family dental care, and they’re also trained and equipped to treat patients when a dental emergency occurs.

Just as you take precautions to protect yourself from physical injury by knowing where you’ll go for emergency treatment in the event of an accident or other health concern, it’s equally important to locate a dentist near you in Richmond Hill, ON for emergency dentistry.

If you’re searching for emergency dentistry near you today, we invite you to call Richmond Dental Care to speak to a member of our dental care team to receive instructions on the next steps to take before coming into our dental emergency clinic. Also, it will allow our dentists to prepare equipment and materials in advance of your arrival since time can often be a factor in emergency dentistry.

Even if you are not currently a patient of Richmond Dental Care, our dentists in Richmond Hill, ON are here to provide care when needed. Please call us now to learn more.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Every patient’s perception of a dental emergency will be different. For some, losing a dental veneer may seem like an emergency, especially if they have an important meeting or event coming up and don’t want to attend with a compromised smile.

For others, they may notice small amounts of blood when they brush or floss and believe that’s a sign of the need for emergency dental care. The list goes on to include a broken tooth, a knocked-out tooth, an abscess, a lost crown, and more.

While some of these occurrences are true dental emergencies (such as a knocked-out tooth), others are not (such as bleeding gums when brushing and flossing). That’s why it’s important to give our dental care team a call to discuss your need for dental emergency before coming into our office.

Want to Avoid a Dental Emergency?

We’re currently accepting new patients at Richmond Dental Care, and we’d love to schedule a time to meet you soon for your preventive dental appointment. And remember, if you believe you are currently experiencing a dental emergency, please call now to speak to a member of our dental care team.

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