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Partials and Full Dentures in Richmond Hill, ON 

Partials and Full Dentures in Richmond Hill, ON 

Our dentists at Richmond Dental Care use the latest equipment, materials, and technology to provide patients with durable and natural-looking partials and full dentures near you. Stimulated by the increase in demand for tooth replacement choices beyond the multi-month treatment time required for dental implants, dentures have become a high-tech and highly-effective tooth replacement solution. If you’d like to learn more about dentures, either partials or full dentures, from our dentists, we invite you to book an appointment today.

Benefits of Partials and Full Dentures

Acrylic resin is the most popular base material for dentures since it appears natural-looking, can be color-matched to a patient’s gums, and can be repaired easily and quickly. Modern dentures from Richmond Dental Care are considered a time-tested approach for tooth replacement and are available as removable dentures and fixed dentures.

Removable dentures are just as they sound. They are not only removable but they must be removed each night for cleaning. Some patients use this criterion alone as a deciding factor between the two types of dentures. Conversely, fixed dentures do not need to be removed and cleaned every evening. Since they are held in place by dental implants, these restorations are considered the most natural of the two options.

Another factor to consider between the two types of dentures is bone loss in the jaw since non-implant-supported dentures will intensify bone loss, impacting your future dental health. If you choose implant-supported dentures, your jawbone will need to be healthy and in good condition before the procedure, and a bone graft may be necessary before implant placement.

When you visit us for your denture consultation, our dentist will provide you with the information you need, including a timeline for treatment, so you can make the choice that works best for your lifestyle and long-term planning.

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Decision

Instead of continuing to wonder whether dentures, either full, partial, or implant-supported, or other tooth replacement options such as dental bridges, are the best choice for your smile makeover, we invite you to make an appointment with Richmond Dental Care today to remove any guesswork from your decision. We’re currently accepting new patients, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

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