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Dental Bridges in Richmond Hill, ON 

Dental Bridges in Richmond Hill, ON 

Our dentist at Richmond Dental Care provides several options for tooth replacement, including tooth bridges. As one of the more popular choices to replace a missing tooth, dental bridges take less time to complete than dental implants, which means if you’re looking for a quick solution to restore your smile, a dental bridge treatment from our dentists may be the perfect solution.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

In addition to the quick teeth bridge treatment time that a dental bridge from Richmond Dental Care offers, our patients tell us that the added benefit of the bridge’s natural-looking appearance was an additional benefit that restored their self-confidence. They also appreciated that taking the time now to replace one tooth saved them the worry and risk associated with future tooth loss that occurs when one or more teeth are not replaced.

Types of Dental Bridges

Our dentists provide a host of smile enhancement solutions, including various types of dental bridges. When you visit us for your dental bridges consultation, you’ll learn more about which type of bridge is best suited for your smile makeover. Examples include a traditional dental bridge, a cantilever dental bridge, and an implant-supported dental bridge, to name a few. One of the factors that will need to be considered in determining the best dental bridge for your needs is where the tooth bridges will be placed.

The Procedure

During your dental bridge consultation, our dentists will go over the details concerning your procedure which typically requires two appointments. Most patients can resume their normal activity after each appointment when they follow the after-treatment instructions that will be provided to them. If you’re searching for a quick procedure for tooth replacement (unlike dental implants, which often require months of treatment time), then a dental bridge procedure is most likely the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Our dentists and their teams are here to answer all of your questions about dental bridges and other cosmetic dental procedures to restore your smile and self-confidence. We invite you to book an appointment today to learn more.

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