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Oral Cancer Screenings in Richmond Hill, ON

Oral Cancer Screenings in Richmond Hill, ON

Our dentist at Richmond Dental Care performs a visual oral cancer test on every patient who visits us for a comprehensive dental exam or professional tooth cleaning. Why is this such an important element to our total patient care? The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) reports that more than 3,000 new cases of this type of cancer are identified each year in Canada, and over 1,000 deaths occurred due to it.

We Care About a Patient’s Total Health

Because our dentists care as much about a patient’s total health and well-being, oral cancer screening is a part of every exam and professional cleaning that we perform since, like most cancers, it’s not easily detected at home. However, some of the symptoms that the CDA points out that you may notice at home include:

  • Coloured patches (usually white or dark red) located in your mouth, on your lips, or on your tongue
  • Changes in the texture or colour of your mouth tissue, including raised areas and lumps
  • Unexpected bleeding or numbness in the mouth and gums
  • Sores, ulcers, or patches in the oral cavity that do not heal
  • Changes in taste or sensation of the tongue

While you may notice some of the above symptoms at home, there are times when oral cancer can only be diagnosed using specialized equipment and x-rays found in a dentist’s office, such as here at Richmond Dental Care.

Risk Factors are Varied

The actual cause of oral cancer is not yet known. That means that no one is immune from the condition. However, the CDA has identified several areas of commonality:

  • Smoking and using vaping products
  • Heavy alcohol consumption (especially when combined with smoking)
  • Repeated and prolonged exposure of the facial area to the sun
  • Poor diet, genetics, and gender since more men develop the disease than women
  • A history of leukoplakia or human papillomavirus

Make an Appointment for Your Oral Cancer Screening

If you’ve noticed one or more of the symptoms listed above or believe you fall into one of the higher risk categories shown, now is a great time to receive oral cancer screening near you from our dentists at Richmond Dental Care. Whether you make your appointment for a stand-alone screening or as a part of your routine dental exam, you’ll have one less health concern to worry about by taking care of this important screening.

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