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How Much Does Emergency Dental Treatment Cost?

How Much Does Emergency Dental Treatment Cost?

May 5, 2022

If you term dental services from your regular dentist expensive, can you expect treatment during an emergency to become accessible at affordable prices? Emergency dentists provide treatments at odd hours of the day when other dentists have shut shop, and you need their services at short notice.


You might need emergency dental care to manage a severe toothache or a broken tooth and might not know whether you are dealing with a dental emergency or can wait until you see your regular dentist. Unfortunately, if the problem is giving you a sleepless night and causing excruciating pain, you must have the condition treated immediately, even if it requires you to seek attention from an emergency dentist providing services late in the evening or on weekends.


How to Recognize Whether You Need an Emergency Dentist?


Some injuries are unlike others and typically need treatment from the emergency dentist in Richmond Hill, ON, without delays. The most apparent reason is if your tooth is accidentally knocked-out because the earlier you get to the dentist in Richmond Hill, ON, the better your chances are to have the tooth reinserted into its socket.


Time is of importance when negotiating with a knocked-out tooth. You must get to the dentist with the tooth kept in moist condition within 30 minutes. Similarly, if your tooth breaks or sufferers a severe fracture, you need attention from the emergency dentist as soon as possible. Exposed tooth roots can lead to significant oral health issues if left untreated for too long.


In some cases, you might suffer from excruciating pain because of oral problems left untreated, and the discomfort needs attention right away. For example, severe pain from an untreated cavity might result in needing root canal therapy and dental crowns to protect the tooth or extractions to eradicate the infection from your tooth.


How Much Does Emergency Dentistry Cost?


The costs of emergency dentistry are undoubtedly higher than the price you pay to your regular dentist. Unfortunately, your geographical location also determines the prices of emergency dental treatment. You might receive some help from dental insurance, but you can expect to pay higher costs for any services provided by emergency dentists.


For example, if you need root canals as an emergency dental treatment, the tooth affected determines the costs of the therapy. Root canal treatments are pretty expensive, and if you have a front tooth affected, you can expect the treatment to cost $ 700-$ 900. Unfortunately, if you need the treatment on a molar having multiple canals expect the charges to rise by $ 1100-$ 1200. The price is charged according to the complexity of your condition. If you have a severe infection will likely pay higher fees for the procedure.


Tooth extractions are another standard procedure during emergency dental visits. Tooth removal may become necessary if you have a severe infection in the tooth or it is broken or cracked severely. The kind of extraction you need determines the costs of the treatment. A straightforward extraction on a visible tooth requiring local anesthesia will cost $ 75-$ 300. Unfortunately, if you need a surgical extraction under general anesthesia for an impacted tooth, removal cost is considerably higher and ranges between $ 200-$ 600.


Other procedures emergency dentists frequently confront are cavity fillings and dental crowns. If you must have a tooth filled from an emergency dentist because the existing filling has cracked, the cost is generally $ 100-$ 250. On the other hand, dental crowns are more expensive. If you have a broken tooth that can be preserved with a dental crown, dentists will prefer the option to save your natural tooth. However, a porcelain crown costs between $ 1200 and $ 1400.


Whenever possible, you must try to prevent or avoid dental emergencies if you don’t want to confront the higher prices charged by emergency dentists. While you cannot prevent accidents that might knock out a tooth, you can undoubtedly prevent infections from festering in your mouth by neglecting regular exams and cleanings.


When you visit your regular dentist in Richmond Hill, ON for routine exams, they check your mouth and identify issues that might aggravate emergencies. They create a treatment plan explicitly for you to help you avoid an unexpected situation. Adhering to your dentist’s advice helps prevent the need for emergency dental treatments and the stress associated with them when least expected.


If you or your family member needs emergency dental treatment out of the blue kindly contact Richmond Dental Care for the attention, you need at prices more affordable than other emergency dentists.

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