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Dental Bonding in Richmond Hill, ON

Dental Bonding in Richmond Hill, ON

Are you searching for a dentist for a quick cosmetic dental treatment that can correct a range of smile imperfections? Would you like to see an improved smile in one appointment? If you answered “yes,” then tooth bonding from our dentists at Richmond Dental Care may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Unlike Invisalign aligners that can take multiple months to correct spacing concerns between teeth, dental bonding can make the correction in less than one hour! Other uses that our patients benefit from include:

  • Improving the appearance of discolored teeth that don’t respond to professional whitening
  • Adjusting the length, width, or shape of teeth for a more symmetrical appearance
  • Repairing teeth that have become decayed, chipped, or cracked
  • Adding protection to a tooth’s root that has become exposed (most commonly from gum disease)

The dental bonding procedure from our dentists takes about 30-60 minutes from start to finish for each tooth. It does not typically require anesthesia (unless the procedure is used to fill a decayed tooth). Should you have a special request for sedation during any procedure at Richmond Dental Care, our dentists and dental care teams are equipped to accommodate your request.

A Natural-Looking Result

The materials used by our dentists for dental bonding can easily be color-matched to your surrounding teeth for a natural appearance. Some of our patients will often choose professional teeth whitening at Richmond Dental Care in advance of their dental bonding procedure so custom matching colors can be obtained.

Make a Choice That’s Best for Your Smile

When you visit our dentists for your cosmetic dental consultation, we’ll prepare a treatment plan for each one of your smile makeover goals so you can be sure to receive the treatments in the desired order to make maximum use of your time. We’ll also answer your questions about the durability and effectiveness of various procedures so you can make the best choice for your immediate smile goals and your long-term smile goals. If you have chipped, cracked or gapped front teeth We invite you to book an appointment today for dental bonding with our dentists at Richmond Dental Care.

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