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Why Shouldn’t You Believe in These Five Myths about Teeth Whitening?

Why Shouldn’t You Believe in These Five Myths about Teeth Whitening?

July 1, 2023

Teeth whitening is a popular aesthetic dentistry procedure that helps whiten discoloured teeth sought after by many globally. If your teeth have stains from the foods and beverages you consume, smoking, infections, or injuries, you can get your teeth whitened by visiting a dentist to brighten your smile.

If teeth whitening treatments are popular, is it possible for manufacturers of whitening remedies to remain behind in the long dentists to monopolize whitening treatments? Determining which whitening remedy is effective or safe if you decide to brighten your teeth is challenging because you will likely notice hundreds of products claiming they can brighten your teeth instantly. However, most, except for professional teeth whitening from a dentist, are ineffective and will likely leave you disappointed that you decided to invest in the product.

To help you overcome the problem of deciding on the best remedy to whiten your teeth, we have a list of some popular myths of teeth bleaching that you shouldn’t believe when considering changing the appearance of your teeth to display a beautiful smile. Kindly read on to understand what you must know about teeth whitening before receiving teeth whitening in Richmond Hill, ON, in a safe and effective treatment offered by a dental professional delivering instant results.

  1. Teeth Whitening Damages Tooth Enamel: a popular myth doing the rounds states whitening your teeth will damage your tooth enamel. Unfortunately, the reality is entirely different because your teeth sustain no damage when receiving whitening from a dentist. However, your teeth can sustain enamel damage if you receive whitening treatment from non-dental professionals. However, dentists offering in-office teeth whitening are specialists with comprehensive knowledge of dental anatomy. They will ensure your teeth are not damaged or lose tooth enamel from the whitening ingredients used to brighten teeth.
  2. Teeth Whitening Is Permanent: Nothing could be further than the truth because your teeth continue to discolour immediately following the whitening received from the richmond hill dentist. This is because the effects of daily life start showing up on your teeth from the foods and beverages you have, like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, and pigmented foods with dyes that remain on your teeth. However, if you adopt the preventive measures suggested by your dentist, you can ensure your teeth don’t revert to their discoloured state. The Richmond Hill dentist recommends maintaining the results of the whitening remedy you receive with at-home teeth whitening using dentist-dispensed trays and ingredients to keep your teeth appearing brighter until your next visit. In addition, they recommend having a white diet with foods like chicken, fish, and Turkey and using straws for drinking coloured beverages.
  3. Activated Charcoal Is Optimal for Teeth Whitening: Charcoal, whether activated or not, blackens your teeth without whitening them. You may notice several advertisements on social media promoting activated charcoal toothpaste as optimal for whitening teeth. Unfortunately, insufficient evidence is available to support the claims making it essential to stay with tried and tested treatments offered by dentists and use any suggested remedies to enhance your oral health to display a beautiful smile.
  4. Teeth Whitening Causes Tooth Sensitivity: teeth whitening treatments are generally safe and effective, and dentists discontinue treatment if you experience burning or irritation in your mouth. However, dentists also examine your mouth and gums to determine whether you are eligible for Zoom teeth whitening before offering the remedy. If you are affected by tooth decay or gum disease, the dentist suggests treating the issues before whitening your teeth. In addition, you can experience tooth sensitivity if you receive teeth whitening from beauty salons if you are attracted by the lower prices they charge than dentists. Therefore when you receive teeth whitening from a qualified dentist, you will likely not have sensitive teeth.
  5. Teeth Whitening Makes Your Teeth Appear Unnatural: When you consider teeth whitening from the dentist, you would want the changes to appear natural. However, do not expect the whitening treatment by the richmond hill dentist to make your teeth appear unnatural. Instead, dentists ensure they use whitening ingredients appropriate for your teeth without exceeding the limits to give you a natural-looking smile. In addition, any teeth whitening remedy will deliver results depending on the staining you have on your teeth and will not make them appear exceedingly white to give you an unnatural appearance.

After reading about the myths of teeth whitening, you must ensure you do not receive the treatment from beauty salons or non-dental professionals who may entice you with low prices but leave your teeth damaged to need additional treatments from dentists.

If you want to have your discoloured teeth whitened, it is best that you schedule an appointment with Richmond Dental Care to receive safe and effective teeth whitening without the hassles of worrying about your teeth. Take care to refrain from receiving whitening remedies from beauty salons or other sources that may provide ineffective treatments to damage your teeth instead of brightening them.

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