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The Pros and Cons of Dentures? Who Gets Them and Why?

The Pros and Cons of Dentures? Who Gets Them and Why?

December 1, 2022

Missing natural teeth creates discomfort and unhappiness in your life. You wouldn’t want to display a smile with missing teeth. However, if you have lost teeth to common problems like extraction, infections, or injury, choices are available to replace your missing teeth.

A tried and tested technique of replacing missing teeth is with the help of dentures. Dentures have been around for over 100 years but aren’t as similar as earlier. Presently there are many reasons to consider dentures, although they have some drawbacks.

If you miss your natural teeth, whether a couple or a complete arch, you can receive a solution suitable for your needs from partials and full dentures in Richmond Hill, ON, customized for you by the practice. This article provides reasons why dentures may be an excellent option for you, giving you the benefits and downsides of these prosthetics to help you decide correctly.

Denture Pros

Aesthetics: Dentures are excellent for replacing a complete row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw after customizing them explicitly for your mouth. Dentures fit correctly and appear cohesive, making it possible for you to smile confidently. Dentures can also prevent sagging of your jawbone, which occurs without teeth.

Dentures Suitable for Everyone: If your teeth and jaw are not in excellent shape, you can discuss dentures with the Richmond Hill provider because these prosthetics fit everyone. For example, dental bridges require healthy teeth for support, and dental implants need healthy gums and a robust jaw to provide a stable foundation. Thankfully dentures sit on your gums if you don’t have teeth in your mouth, providing a cost-effective solution to restore mouth functionality and your smile.

Low Maintenance: Caring and maintaining dentures is comfortable because you merely take the removable partial denture and clean and rinse them after eating. When going to bed, you must remove the partials and soak them in a glass of water with denture cleansers to give your gums some rest every night.

Denture Cons

Dentures have some downsides that you must weigh against other restorative options. They are:

  • Frequent Replacements: Dentures, whether partial or complete, can wear down as the shape of your mouth changes, making it necessary for you to replace your prosthetics or adjust them frequently. Thankfully the process is not challenging compared to replacing dental implants or bridges.
  • Multiple Procedures: getting dentures is unlike walking into a supermarket and purchasing groceries. You must go through various procedures before you get a good fit. The dentist in Richmond Hill, ON must make molds of your teeth and remove any remaining teeth with decay. After that, the dentures need customization to fit correctly.
  • Moving Dentures: Dentures are removable appliances, but the flexibility can also create problems. The dentures can loosen and make clicking sounds, causing embarrassment when eating and speaking. The movement can also make your mouth tender and sore.

Before getting dentures, it helps to consider various options available with the Richmond Hill provider to select a solution best suited for your needs.

Kinds Of Dentures

You can get two kinds of dentures. They are removable and fixed.

Removable dentures remain in your mouth, held in place by dental adhesives or suction. You must remove the dentures for cleaning a couple of times daily and when sleeping at night. While they are a cost-effective option for replacing missing teeth, your mouth changes shape over time, making denture refitting or replacement necessary. Therefore you might need to visit your provider frequently during the first year of getting dentures and every three to five years thereafter.

If you desire a stable solution for your missing teeth, you can consider permanent dentures offered by the practice and held by dental implants inserted in your jawbone. The procedure requires surgery for dental implant placement and some recovery time for the implants to integrate with your bone to provide a stable foundation for an entire arch of teeth.

Fixed dentures are more stable and do not require a lengthy period of adjustment. Best of all, you don’t need to remove the prosthetic every night for cleaning or storage. However, they are more expensive than removable dentures but cost less over time because they don’t need frequent adjustments.

Who Needs Dentures and Why?

Would you consider dental prosthetics if all your teeth were in excellent shape? You wouldn’t think of having replacement teeth with dentures or any solution if you did. The need for dentures arises only when you lose natural teeth and cannot consider dental implants or dental bridges for their requirements.

Dentures help to restore your mouth functionality besides aesthetics helping you smile without hesitation and preventing jawbone deterioration due to lack of teeth. It indicates that your teeth are essential to maintain your appearance and general health, and if you lose your natural teeth, dentures are an option you can consider as replacements for them.

Richmond Dental Care provides partials and complete dentures if required to replace your lost teeth. If you need a stable solution, they can also give you permanent dentures with dental implants. If you are missing teeth and considering an option to replace them, please schedule a consultation with the practice to get your replacements as soon as possible.

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