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Family Dentistry: Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Whole Family 

Family Dentistry: Comprehensive Dental Care for Your Whole Family 

March 1, 2023

You can capitalize on various moments to bond with your family members. One of them should be leading a healthy life. Creating systems and practices that help your family lead a healthy lifestyle should be a priority for everyone. If that is the case, you will appreciate the role of family dentistry for your whole family.

What Is Family Dentistry?

It is dental care at Richmond Dental Care that caters to family setups. The dental care measures are not limited to a certain age or gender. Instead, family dentist in Richmond Hill, ON, customize treatments to befit children and adults in families.

The essence of family dentistry is best acknowledged by patients that prioritize preventive dentistry as part of their routines. The good news is that it is never too late to get your family hooked on family dental care near you.

What Does Family Dentistry Entail?

After visiting a family dental clinic, you will learn that dental experts have created various treatment plans to optimize comprehensive health care for families. These treatment plans will address oral health at every stage of life. Some of the family dentistry services to expect are:

  1. Teeth cleanings and dental exams – are regular services, typically administered after six months. Teeth cleanings boost your oral hygiene measures by removing hard-to-reach and stubborn plaque and tartar. Routine dental exams allow the dentist to evaluate your oral health, ensuring it is in the best shape all the time.
  2. Fluoride treatments – are treatments to enrich teeth enamels with fluoride. This mineral strengthens teeth while upping their resistance to bacteria and acids responsible for dental cavities and tooth decay.
  3. Dental sealants – are preventive fillings that protect teeth from cavities. Dental sealants typically fill and seal the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars that feature deep pits and fissures. The sealant works by creating a protective barrier to disallow plaque and bacteria from damaging teeth.
  4. Cavity detection and dental fillings – during the routine dental exams, the family dentist will evaluate teeth to detect cavities. The early stages of tooth cavities are best addressed with dental fillings.
  5. Gum disease treatment – since gum disease is a common oral problem, family dentists provide different treatments to counter the infection. Some approaches to treat gum disease include antibiotics, gum flap surgery, root planing, scaling, and flossing.
  6. Tooth extractions – family dentists can recommend and perform tooth extractions, typically due to severe tooth decay.

Why Does Your Family Need Family Dentistry Services?

Family dentists are not limited to wealthy families or celebrities. Instead, you can choose a family dental clinic where your family members conveniently access all dental care services. Some reasons you need family dentistry are:

  1. Family dentists can handle the growing and changing needs of your family members. As children transition to teenagers and adults, you will appreciate a dentist that can understand and handle their changing oral needs.
  2. It can overcome dental anxiety – sometimes, the best way to address anxiety is by capitalizing on familiarity. Ensuring your children are familiar and friendly with one dentist can help eliminate dental anxiety and phobia without necessarily employing sedation.
  3. Flexibility and convenience – family dentists are flexible to different family dynamics. The convenience is more evident when you consider the varying schedules of your family members, ranging from school-going kids to working parents.
  4. Ideal for emergency dentistry – when one of your family members has an urgent oral problem, you can bank on a family dentist for emergency dental services. Besides, eliminating the long queues and waiting process is a great advantage of family dentistry.
  5. Building rapport and long-term relationships with your dental care provider – has immense benefits for your family.
  6. Customized treatments for children and adults within a family setup – family dentists will tailor dental treatments to suit your family. They consider your history and other patterns regarding your dental health.


It is not too late for you to begin family dental care as a unit. Other than an avenue for bonding, regular dental care by a family dentist will improve oral health for your whole family, both short and long-term.

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