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5 Tips to Make Your First Appointment with a Conscious Sedation Dentistry

5 Tips to Make Your First Appointment with a Conscious Sedation Dentistry

November 1, 2022

Nervous or anxious about your first treatment with conscious sedation dentistry? At Richmond Dental Care, we consider conscious sedation for our nervous patients. It will help you feel at ease during treatment. We also have an experienced team of experts who will make it easy for you when you call. In addition, our patient advocate will speak to you so that you can express your treatment expectations and concerns during your visit.

Types of Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is a technique that uses drugs to relax the nervous system during dental treatment. As a result, the patient is awake and aware of their surrounding during treatment. With sedation dentistry, you can independently maintain a patent airway and respond to physical stimulation and verbal instructions.

The following are options for conscious sedation dentistry in Richmond Hill, ON:

  1. Nitrous Oxide Sedation

This is the most commonly used form of conscious sedation dentistry. The sedation is safe, effective, and given through a gas mask. After inhaling the required amount of gas, you will start falling into a euphoric state and feel relaxed. Fear and anxiety will fade away, leaving you feeling peaceful.

Nitrous oxide will not knock you out; it will leave you relaxed. You will be awake and able to respond to the dentist. Patients who are administered nitrous oxide report feelings of comfort and well-being. However, nitrous oxide is accompanied by sleepiness, a tingling sensation, and lightheadedness. Our experts recommend having a preliminary visit with your dentist in Richmond Hill, ON to ensure that nitrous oxide is best for you.

  1. Oral Sedation

Afraid of needles? Your dentist can give you a prescription pill to take before the appointment. Oral conscious sedation is a good option if you are having an extensive procedure or haven’t been to the dentist for a long time. It can also be used during teeth cleanings, endoscopes, and root canal procedures.

Prescriptions used are usually for anxiety and panic disorders. This makes them useful if you experience dental phobia on the dentist’s chair. However, some individuals aren’t eligible for oral sedation. They include nursing or pregnant women and people with liver, heart, or lung disease. So do ensure to consult your dentist before undergoing oral sedation.

  1. IV Sedation

This is usually recommended for people with severe forms of anxiety. The dentist administers IV conscious sedation by placing an IV line into your vein. Effects of sedation are rapid since the drugs go directly into the bloodstream. The medications will not put you to sleep. Instead, they will induce you into a semi-conscious state. You will be awake during the treatment and be able to respond to requests.

If you fear needles, your dentist can distract you during the IV placement or use other sedating methods. The dentist will monitor your heart rate, oxygen, and blood pressure levels while administering IV sedation. Some individuals can stay with the IV line throughout the dental procedure, while others don’t.

5 Tips to Make Your Conscious Sedation Dentistry

The following are tips on preparing and making your appointment with sedation dentistry.

  1. Empty Your Stomach

Not eating anything before a sedation appointment is a major rule. This means not taking anything after midnight the night before. Despite sedation being enjoyable, one may experience nausea. For patients under medication, contact your dentist for further directions. Failing to follow this could cause rescheduling of the appointment.

  1. Put on Comfortable Clothing

We all know comfortable clothing is key to a long-term chair occupation. So put on something that you will feel comfortable with when lying for long on the dentist’s chair. Avoid clothes with scratchy seams, binding waistbands, or garments that easily wrinkle.

  1. Bring a Relative or Friend with You

While you will be awake when using conscious dentistry, you are not fully fit to drive home. Therefore, it is recommended for patients to bring a designated driver to take them home after the appointment. Have them get a book or anything to keep them entertained while waiting for you.

  1. Take Time Off

After having a dental appointment that requires sedation, you shouldn’t rush back to work. Instead, take a day off to clear your head and get your bearings. Then, go out for ice creams if your dentist recommends, watch a movie or spend the day with your family.

  1. Communication

Communicating with your dentist before and during the procedure can make you feel comfortable. With conscious sedation dentistry, you are awake throughout the treatment. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, you can tell the dentist in Richmond Hill, ON.

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